Success of the Rural Development depends upon the active participation and willing co-operation of the rural people through self-help organizations and voluntary agencies. In recent years, the voluntary agencies have acquired greater importance and significance than before. We make water available even to the last person of the villager like the Shepherd, the one who stays in jungle.

Human development and Empowerment, a NGO cum Public Trust established in 2012. We have 80 nos of special welfare objects out of which adequate and pure water and medical services to Gramin Maharashtra is our top priority.

  • 5000 villagers drought free permanently
  • Self funded
  • Globally appreciated
  • Telecasted by many TV Channels
  • Taking bigger water harvesting projects for 40000 people
  • 80-G Income Tax exemption holder NGO cum Public Trust
  • मानव विकास प्रतिष्ठानचा तहानलेल्या गावांना दिलासा
  • दिलीप उतेकर ठरले आधुनिक भगीरथ
  • स्थावर मालमत्ता गहाण ठेऊन खोदल्या ४१ विंधन विहिरी
  • साडेतीन कोटी खर्चून साखरगाव केले टंचाईमुक्त